The other day on my way to camden; I was sat on the 274 bus thinking to myself how much i miss running RubyRaeLove when I had the thought maybe i should re-open my little jewellery shop. So i said to myself if it is mean't to be then show me a sign, just as I was thinking this a lady sat behind me with her daughter turned around and said "oh Ruby Rae isn't that lovely?" Now i don't know if that was fate or a coincidence....I will leave that up to you...

After a little time away and alot of soul searching the Jewellery line is back at RubyRaeLove. I have been working on other projects but the lure of love has bought me back to creating hand-made pieces of jewellery.
Most of my pieces are made-by hand in my little london studio. Familiar pieces will be available, best sellers and new creations, i would like to welcome you once again back to my little shop of curiosities.

Who is the girl behind RubyRaeLove?

Ella is my name, i am a teaching assistant by day but with every spare hour i can grab all i think about is creating, be it prints, illustrations, paintings, jewellery or mess I am always inspired.
I graduated from Falmouth University in Cornwall with a fine art degree in 2010. It was always my dream to live by the sea. Even though i now live in london i have locked inside me the salty air of cornwall, it always spurs me on and keeps me curious. Many of my pieces are inspired by the many walks along the beaches of south-west cornwall.I love mixing metals and stones to create simple but beautiful pieces.

I have always made my own jewellery, even though as a child i had a fear of wearing rings (not entirely sure why) fast forward 10 years and my obsession with collecting all manner of trinkets finally bloomed into making jewellery. As a child i was obsessed with fossils, crystals and shells, when ever we ventured outside of london to the seaside i would always come home with pockets full of shells and stones, much to my mothers annoyance. I belive this is where my love for combing nature and jewellery came into play, i would wear 17th century pipes found on the seashore, in essex as pendants.

Every piece of jewellery i make, collect or buy has a little story behind it, in itself it is a keep sake but more importantly it is a part of me, of my memories, and i want to be able to share my ability to make exciting new pieces for wonderful people. Keeping the ability to leave beautiful memories with people, memories you can wear on your fingers, around your neck or in your hair. Whats more beautiul than that?

I hope you can join me on my journey


You can also find out more about my creations and daily life over on my blog